Enlist, Educate, Encourage

Chad Phillips, MD

Greetings! I am proud to serve as the upcoming President for the Oklahoma College of Emergency Physicians. I would classify myself as super-busy, working and leading a very high-acuity emergency department. I have a wife, 3 kids at home, and lots of other worthy demands for my time. Why in the world would I want to take on the responsibly of this leadership position? I couldn’t possibly expect to look competent in front of my colleagues trying to fill the shoes of an Emergency Medicine stalwart like Dr Jeff Goodloe. What was I thinking?

First, a little about me…
I grew up in Booker, Texas, a small farming community in the panhandle about 20 miles south of Beaver, Oklahoma. After stops for education in Stillwater, Dallas (UT Southwestern) and North Carolina (Wake Forest), I made my way to Tulsa where I have have been practicing medicine at St John Medical Center for the last 15 years. I have served as the Chairman of Emergency Medicine and Co-director of the emergency department for the last 10 years. I love my job. I still get excited about going to work. In addition to my administrative duties, I see patients 14 days per month. Aside from work, I spend time hunting, mentoring fathers, coaching junior high football, watching my daughter perform in musicals, and am half way through my 21st year of being the husband to a beautiful, godly woman.

My perspective and attitude toward politics beyond my neighborhood and hospital were forever changed after a call from a buddy in March of 2017. He told me he was going to step away from his mortgage business, run for Governor, and he wanted me to be the Treasurer of his campaign. It is this type of boldness that can turn around a state. My front row seat to state politics has been a game-changer. Consider me inspired. Until the last couple years, state and national related policy and politics was for those who didn’t have a life outside work. My eyes have been opened to the critical importance of being informed about the issues that affect our profession. We have people that love our state and country in positions of influence that need us. They need our input and expertise. My goals as president are to enlist the resources and expertise of our membership, educate healthcare providers, legislators, and public about the current issues that affect the practice of emergency medicine, and encourage our membership. Oklahoma needs us. We make a difference. Together we must steward relationships within our profession and with our elected officials. This is a “must’ that will better all those who deliver emergency care and improve the lives of our patients.