2019 ACEP Council Report to OCEP Members

Jeffrey M. Goodloe, MD, FACEP – OCEP Immediate Past President

The 433 Councillors of the 2019 ACEP Council at work in Denver, Colorado on October 25th.
Your OCEP delegation to the 2019 ACEP Council. Drs. Jeff Johnson, Sabha Momin (OCEP resident member/Alternate Councillor), Cecilia Guthrie, Jeffrey M. Goodloe, and Jim Kennedye.
Democracy in action at the 2019 ACEP Council. Many resolution votes are cast using individually issued orange voting cards. Close votes, Council Officer, Board of Directors, and President-Elect elections are decided using individually issued electronic keypads.

This year’s ACEP Council was particularly efficient. Of note, nearly all resolutions not adopted or withdrawn were because the work of intent is already being done by ACEP or is outside the feasible scope of ACEP. The ethical violations procedural resolution is strongly supported by your national BOD but was withdrawn due to a technicality in the processing of the resolution and will be re-introduced after Bylaws Committee review for the 2020 ACEP Council. We do have a long-standing, functional process to address ethical violations among ACEP members. Referred resolutions are those that the Council referred to the national BOD for further action, once majority will of the Council was evident.

Summary of 2019 Council Resolutions

Resolutions Not Adopted (NA) or Withdrawn (W)
10 Procedures for Addressing Charges of Ethical Violations and Other Misconduct – College Manual Amendment (W)
15 Increased Transparency in NEMPAC Contributions (NA)
16 Opposition to the AAMC Standardized Video Interview (W)
22 Visual White Coat for Emergency Medicine Advocacy Efforts (first resolved) (NA)
25 Rational Crystalloid Hydration in Sepsis (NA)
27 Ensuring Public Transparency & Safety by Protecting the Terms ED and ER as Markers of Physician-Led Care (NA)
28 Expanding the Benefits of EMTALA to Ensure the Safety of the Public (NA)
31 Improving Emergency Physicians Utilization of Medication for Addiction Treatment (NA)
33 National Medical Tort Reform as a “CMS Best Practice” (NA)
37 Single-Payer Health Insurance (NA)
54 Vaccine Preventable Illnesses Toolkit (NA)

Referred Resolutions
11 International Member Eligibility for FACEP – Bylaws Amendment
22 Visual White Coat for Emergency Medicine Advocacy Efforts (second resolved)
24 CMS Sepsis Core Measure and the Legal Standard of Care (as substituted)
40 Advancing Quality Care in Rural Emergency Medicine
42 Augmented Intelligence in Emergency Medicine
44 Independent ED Staffing by Non-Physician Providers

College Manual Resolution
9 Criteria for Eligibility for EM Organizations Seeking Representation in the Council – College Manual Amendment

Non-Bylaws Resolutions
1 Commendation for Paul D. Kivela, MD, MBA, FACEP
2 Commendation for Kevin M. Klauer, DO, EJD, FACEP
3 Commendation for John G. McManus, Jr., MD, MBA, FACEP
4 Commendation for Debra G. Perina, MD, FACEP
5 Commendation for Rhonda R. Whitson, RHIA
6 In Memory of Jonathan Eric Epstein, MD, FACEP
7 In Memory of Rakesh Engineer, MD, FACEP
8 In Memory of Kevin Scott Mickelson, MD, FACEP
12 ACEP Composition Annual Report (as amended)
13 Eliminating Use of the Word “Provider” in All ACEP Communications (as amended)
14 Implicit Bias Awareness and Training (as amended)
17 Pay Transparency (as amended)
18 Promoting Emergency Medicine Physicians (as amended)
19 Support of the American Foundation for Firearm Injury Reduction in Medicine (AFFIRM)
20 Supporting Physicians to Seek Care for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders (as amended)
21 Video Conferencing for Chapter and Section Meetings (as amended)
23 Allow Emergency Physicians to Prescribe Buprenorphine(as substituted)
26 EMTALA Professional Liability Coverage (as amended)
29 Extending Medicaid Coverage to 12-Months Postpartum
30 High Threat Emergency Casualty Care
32 Legal and Civil Penalties for the Routine Practice of Medicine (as amended)
34 Opposing Naloxone Addition to the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (as amended)
35 Prudent Layperson Visit Downcoding (as amended)
36 Research Funding and Legislation to Curb Gun Violence and Intimate Partner Violence (as amended)
38 Standards for Insurance Denials (as amended)
39 Work Requirements for Medicaid Beneficiaries (as amended)
41 Establish a Rural Emergency Care Advisory Board (as substituted)
43 Droperidol is Safe to Use in the ED (as amended)
45 Medical Neutrality (as amended)
46 Mental Health Care for Vulnerable Populations (as amended)
47 Prevention of Self -Harm & Accidental Injury by Internet Challenges and Social Media Posts (as amended)
48 Promotion of Maternal and Infant Health (as amended)
49 Protecting Emergency Physician Compensation During Contract Transitions Arizona (as amended)
50 Social Work in the Emergency Department (as amended)
51 Stimulating Telemedicine Researchers and Programs (as amended)
52 Telehealth Emergency Physician Inclusion (as amended)
53 Supporting Vaccination for Preventable Diseases (as amended)
55 In Memory of Patricia Lee, MD, FACEP
56 In Memory of Tamara O’Neal, MD, FACEP
57 In Elliot Nipomnick, MD, FACEP
58 Role of Private Equity in Emergency Medicine (as amended)
59 Opposition to the Sale and Commoditization of Graduate Medical Education Slots (as amended)
60 Vaccinations (as substituted)

National leadership elections included the following:

ACEP Council Vice-Speaker: Kelly Gray-Eurom (Florida)

ACEP Council Speaker: Gary Katz (Ohio)

ACEP Board of Directors:
Gillian Schmitz (Government Services – incumbent)
Ryan Stanton (Kentucky)
Gabe Kelen (Assoc of Academic Chairs of Emergency Medicine)
Jeffrey M. Goodloe (Oklahoma)

ACEP President-Elect: Mark Rosenberg (New Jersey)

I am deeply humbled and honored to be elected to the national ACEP Board of Directors. This represents the first time in 31 years that we have a representative from Oklahoma on the national ACEP BOD. Reviewing ACEP history indicates this is only the third time for such in ACEP’s 51-year history. This election is for a three-year term with ability to run for a second three-year term in 2022. I can assure you I am quickly hard at work to represent all emergency physicians in ACEP as we fight for our patients, our careers, and our specialty. Your current national BOD is energetic, resolute, ethical and committed to making you proud of our individual and collective advocacy for you. I am thrilled to join this group of leaders, led by President William P. Jaquis and Chairman of the Board Jon Mark Hirson. With the permission of Dr. Phillips and our OCEP BOD, I will report to you in future OCEP newsletters on issues I think have particular significance and interest to you that are national BOD action items.

National ACEP Board of Directors & Council Officers 2019-2020. Joined by Dean Wilkerson, ACEP Executive Director